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Simple, Efficient, Economical

Pipe Ramming

Pipe ramming is simple in concept, and that simplicity makes it the perfect choice for many projects.

As the name implies, pipe ramming involves driving a pipe with force though a subsurface run. A percussive force delivered by a pneumatic hammer powers the operation. Typically the leading end of the pipe is left open. Once the pipe is in place, water or compressed air is used to remove the spoils from the interior of the pipe.


Minimal Surface Disruption

Pipe ramming minimizes the likelihood of surface heaving or settling, and is often chosen for jobs where surface disturbance could be an issue.

And pipe ramming is adaptable to a wide range of soil types, including rocky soils and unstable or free-flowing soils.

The Most Cost-Efficient Option for Many Jobs

In comparison to other boring methods, pipe ramming is frequently the most economical option.

Other benefits that pipe ramming offers includes:

  • No slurry is generated as a byproduct of the boring process
  • Adaptability to a variety of subsoils and changeable ground conditions
  • Minimal disruption to existing surface infrastructure
  • Suitability to confined work areas

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