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Digging a bell-hole and ditch can be on of the most important aspects of our job. We have top-of-the-line backhoe/trackhoe operators with OQ training that can assure the digging is always safe and correct. We make sure to follow OSHA standards when digging and our operators are always aware of their surroundings in order to maintain a safe working environment. Regardless if the job is in dirt or hard rock, we provide the correct equipment to dig in any condition.

Customers Rely Upon Our Potholing Services for Avoiding Costly Disasters

Subsurface activities such as boring, trenching, and even hand-digging, have been the culprit of hundreds of thousands of damages to underground utilities. Water lines, sewer lines, electrical conduits, telecommunications lines – all are routinely damaged.

Each occurrence, though unintentional, can incur a frightful penalty. Devastating project delays and significant financial damages routinely result from damage to underground infrastructure.

That’s why West Texas Borings’ Company potholing services are so important.

Eliminate the Risk; Avoid the Damages

Potholing allows us to safely and precisely locate underground utilities before digging or boring. Each pothole line that exposes a utility run provides precise, absolute visual confirmation of the location of the utility line. We will never start a bore without visually seeing the line(s) we are crossing.

We use vacuum excavation technology to safely locate and expose buried utility lines. Pressurized water is used to safely loosen the soil in the pothole, and the loose soil is removed with suction. There is no safer means of assuring the avoidance of a disastrous encounter with buried lines.

Vacuum excavation is so safe, in fact, that many municipalities now mandate its use in the prevention of damage to underground utilities.

Proper Site Preparation Helps to Ensure the Success of a Project

The first step in any project is often the most important step. And that certainly holds true for horizontal boring projects. That’s why the site preparation services offered by West Texas Boring Company are so crucial.

Proper site preparation helps to assure the safety of workers, property, and the surrounding environment. Proper preparation eliminates the possibility of damage to existing infrastructure and utilities. And it prepares and organizes the worksite to help facilitate a smooth and efficient workflow.

Site Preparation is a Complex Process

Done properly, site preparation is a rather involved and complex process. It could be thought of as a mini-project, of sorts, that serves as a prelude to the main boring project.

That’s because site preparation involves coordinating and completing a wide range of tasks, each one independently of great importance. Common site preparation tasks include:

  • Assuring no conflicts with existing utilities, both aboveground and along the subsurface bore path and right of entry
  • Verifying compliance with all governmental regulations
  • Excavating and preparing entry and exit boring pits, transit, elevations, Atlas bore planner, bore profiling to assure pitch and direction is possible with the pipe and terrain conditions
  • Delivering and setting up equipment onsite
  • Preparing casing pipe

Ready to get started? We Are Here to Assist Every Step of the Way.